MMLB – VI: We’re the only ones that can save you now

For the second year in a row, Berkley VFW Post 9222 has agreed to be the staging point for the final ceremony. a frenzy of power will be raised, culminating at midnight when the Auction will be unleashed! 

It’s time for the annual Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers Monster Mash for Literacy Bash! Gather for the annual fundraiser that makes the nuns uncharacteristically giddy (or apprehensive, we can’t tell which because it’s dark). Dance, drink responsibly, and rub elbows with the coolest High Priest and Priestess of Horror. 

Advance tickets receive 10 tickets for the Penny Social. 

Join us, won’t you? 


Auction Items include cool things donated by:

CandleWicke Shoppe
Royal Oak Tattoo
Rob Callahan
Dean Koontz


Rumor has it there will be an item where the winner will have his or her name used exclusively as a character in an upcoming anthology – Your name as the hero, villian, victim or monster! Awesome!

Just this fox. I'm a writer of horror and dark fantasy. I totally don't brag about it. The latter statement is an utter lie.

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