Measurement Day, Day 22 #100Days

Not only did I not post for Week 3 Day 15, I didn’t grab a screenshot.

Oh well.

Day 15 saw a drops in my hips (-3″), abdomen (-1), left arm and right arms (-0.75), and left and right calves (-0.25). The weight is pointless because I don’t have a scale that’s consistent.

We also had some heavy snowfall, so I focused more on my abs and flexibility (in the apartment on a mat) with my Nike Training Club app

January Strength Training Week 2


Then we had the Super Bowl and more snow, and a later shift for a week really threw a kink in staying motivated but I managed a few days running. The rest were strength training.

Week 3 Running
Week 3 Running
January Strength Training Week 2
January Strength Training Week 3

I’m not crazy about the results for Measurement Day 22, but I knew going in not every week was going to be a winner. The belly is going to be my biggest struggle, and I’m not sure the best way to tackle it yet.

Week Three 2/10/14
Week Three 2/10/14

I’m still trending in the right direction, and in the interest of Full Disclosure, I’m 5 days from my Moon (to put it delicately), so I’m taking on water like the Titanic.

By the way, that Shawn Johnson stretch on the N+TC is no joke. Throw in the Jeanette Jenkins Ab Blaster, and they both tried to kill me. I do the Stretch every day, because I really want the flexibility. The Jenkins Ab Blaster work was a unlocked bonus I tried and found I could actually finish. This isn’t to say it’s easy, because it’s not at all, but if I don’t challenge myself, the inches won’t come off.

Clothes look better, shoes don’t look like torture devices, and I look forward to working out.  The runs are getting easier with more running and less walking. I bought myself a new high density mat for the floor, and that makes such a difference on my knees, the floor work now feels like it’s the working the areas it’s supposed to.

I hate the learning curve of workouts, because it takes a few weeks to get into a rhythm of the moves and how they’re supposed to be performed. Conditioning for the conditioning as it were.

Regardless, it’s working. I can’t complain about how I get there, so long as I arrive, right?

Hello, Week 4.

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