It was a simpler game when I was wee…

Next there will be a congressional inquiry on jumpropes made in China and a call for a national ban.

Girl’s hand reattached after jump rope accident

LOS GATOS, Calif. – A 6-year-old girl is recovering after surgeons reattached her left hand, severed when it was caught in a loop of jump rope that had snagged on the axle of her mother’s car.

Erica Rix underwent 10 hours of surgery after the accident in early September and spent nine days in intensive care before returning home.

Erica was playing with a jump rope in the back seat of her mother’s car and let one end of the rope out the window to flutter in the wind.

“I wanted to see it go up and down because I thought I was going to fly,” she said Tuesday on NBC’s “Today.”

The rope caught on the car’s axle and a loop of the rope tightened around the girl’s wrist, slicing off her hand.

First – the mom shuld be smacked for letting her kid hang stuff out of the window of a moving car.  Sorry, but if the child was properly restrained (either in a car seat or straped in where making things flutter from rear window would be near impossible) and mom was paying attention it probably wouldn’t have happened.  Kids tossing stuff out of  windows is a hazard to other drivers.  A jump rope from a moving car could break a windshield or get tangled up in a few other cars causing an real accident.

Ms Rix should be grateful it was only her daughter that was hurt.  Lesson learned.

(I’m feeling preachy today)

And then I was horrified to discover I don’t remember any of my jump rope rhymes…