Isn’t she pretty

So a few years back I bought the PC version of American McGee’s Alice, and I hearted it muchly. The twisted imaginings of Lewis Carroll’s pedophiliac fantasy of a young girl trapped between childish things and being forced to confront womanhood was just the sort of vacation my mind needed from reality.

I finished the game and promptly sold it at a garage sale, but that isn’t the point. The point is that while I’m not a gamer at heart, I do like to play, especially games that kinda wierd me out. Fatal Frame II, Siren, etc…

Davecat gave me the heads up on this:
American McGee's Red Riding Hood

I heart her missing eye, her stiches, the basket of tongues. This picture speaks to me on a sub-molecular level and I want to be her. Like, right now. I want to show up at my bartending job in a few hours looking like her, with my cape and axe and basket.

Someone will ask me about my eye, and I’ll give them a sneer. They’ll point at my stitches and I’ll thank them kindly not to stare – even though they can’t help it, and I deep down want them to wonder and speculate and shrink away in fear.


This Red is totally my inner badass. I used to think it was Lucy, but she’s just too pretty. Yes she has her vectors and her ability to heal super quick and her bloodlust that’s so damn sexy – but life is about scars and gashes and the missing bits that tell secret (or not so secret) tales of hard fought battles won and lost. Red bears all of these scars with a proudness that looks so grim it makes her beautiful. I don’t know her backstory yet, but I intend to find out.

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  1. Awww – you made my list – you just weren’t visible. s00per sekrit!!!

    I imported my whole blogroll over from the Diner, and some came over as visible and others an not – for whatever reason.

    Siren is an ass kicker. Make sure you have a non-spoiler walkthrough and a lot of time.