If I were a soap …

So I entered on contest on Etsy through the amazing Heathen’s Hearth  (where I get my Lemon Cream Scrub and Brown Leather Soap – together they smell like a day in the malt shop and a night in the backseat).  I entered for a chance to be the inspiration for a future soap.  In the comments section, I told them who I was, why I was inspiring, and what kind of soap I would be.


I’ve already put forth my comments (and good luck to me) but because I’m a compassionate narcissist, I’ll ask you the same thing: what kind of soap would I be?


If I arrived on your door in a handmade paper box tied with raffia, what would I look like?  What shape would I be?  How would I smell?  Glitter?  Sea Salt? Sugar? Rhassoul Mud? Sexy or sweet – or both? 

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