Hunt A Killer Box #2 – Unboxing

About a month ago I joined the Hunt a Killer subscription service, not because I had any illusion I was Clarice Starling or Sarah Linden or even Trixie Belden. But I enjoy puzzles and I enjoy figuring stuff out and I realy enjoy weirdos writing cryptic messages to me.

I don’t really enjoy that last part so, you know … don’t.

Last month, in conjunction with Film Obsession, I started doing live unboxings of my Hunt A Killer service, and it’s going well. These are a lot of fun. and if my videos encourage you to pick up a subscription service of your own, please use my referral code for 10% off your first box!

What are your favorite subscription services?

Use this Referral Code for 10% your first box!

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(Disclaimer – I pay for all of my subscription services out of my own pocket I’m not endorsed for my enthusiasm or my time.)

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