Happy Birthday to my sister Lisa

Today is Lisa’s birthday.


For weeks after this photo was taken, she was mistaken for Cat Woman

Going through the family archives, there are photos marking year after year, where it appears she cannot believe she is not dead (and in photos with Santa, the standing tears reflect the growing certainty that she will be eaten).


That's a look that says, "my therapy bills are going to be through the roof! I'll personally see to it!"

Of course she was not eaten, because I am her big sister, and I wouldn’t let that happen if I could help it.  I have done my duty for 36 24 years, and though we are separated by distance and Ohio, I promise to remain vigilant against Santa and other assorted deadly assassins.

Sometimes it's hard to tell who's protecting whom, but it's all good.

Please wish my little sister a Happy Birthday, with wishes for many more.  She deserves them for every year she has not been eaten.



These are the Princesses that will kick your ass.





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