I have siblings, though they will often deny me in public.

My siblings quite often have birthdays, far more often than I do, which makes them old – way older then me, even.



Today, the second in line of Points Women turns 24 (again), so please join me in helping her celebrate the tenth anniversary of this momentous event!

My seester!
My seester!

Lum, she dances for you, while Strawberry Shortcake (past and present) glitter on: – Glitter Graphics – Glitter Graphics

(I would have used bears, but the bears I was finding were just *too* creepy)

2 thoughts on “birfday!

  1. thanks so much!

    and “tenth anniversay” is up there with j3 saying “i’m not going to say how old she is, but she’s my age plus 20”

    gracias again

    and happy birthday to two of my fav authors -dr. seuss and john irving!!! (my other fav author just celebrated her…um…21st birthday in december… ;o)