Because I adore a challenge

The launch for the free download of little black duck sampler will be June 1 – which incidentally will be my mother’s birthday. I’ve tried to work out as many bugs as I could from text to platform availability. I’ll try to do one more beta launch next weekend.

Possible cover:


I will also be out of town that day, seven hundred miles north and west of my home base. I haven’t a clue exactly how I’m pulling this off, but damn, won’t it be interesting.

If there is enough interest in a paper book, I will format a release of it.

For the curious and out of the loop, the little black duck sampler is a re-release of three previously published short stories and chapter one of a novel in progress all under one cover. Chances are you’ve already read the stories and the excerpt, but lots of other people haven’t.

No really – I’m actually not that popular.

So I’m hoping a free download will increase interest in my work. People like free stuff, right? The fun part will be getting it on lots of sites. The coup will be the Sony Connect site for their Reader. I’ve got e-mails out to them now.

Cross your fingers for me. The next three weeks will be crazy busy for me.


Hopefully tomorrow and Sunday I’ll have some interesting bar stories for you. Last night we didn’t open and tomorrow night I’ve got two bands coming in. I originally had three, but one backed out, probably due to the rule we have about underage kids playing.

Note to self – pick up Amaretto, Red Bull, and bottled water for the bar. Kids these days have the strangest drink requests.

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