A slice of Kansas City

Call this your slice of evening Zen.

I owe a ridiculous amount of posts detailing my last two months, but as I’m 5 days from the Open Submission period for Ghostlight Magazine, I may disappear again until September.

Until then, enjoy this little Midwestern flashback. This was taken on April 5, 2010 after an evening of a walking around and enjoying the sights and sounds of Kansas City, MO. Location is the 6th Floor of the Hotel Savoy, facing North, in one of the most gorgeous B&B I have ever stayed in.  It was also haunted but I did not know this, which is good because I may not have had as good a time.  We didn’t stay on the haunted floors, but we did tour with our camera, so we’ll see how those come out.

Maybe …

And now I have the creeps …


Kansas City storms:

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  • Michael

    I absolutely love summer storms (although this one was technically spring, wasn’t it?). That was beautiful.

    Would you mind if I stripped the audio off of this and looped it on my iPod. I could fall asleep to this every night.

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