A little ahead of myself …

So once upon a time, I sold mugs and stuff through CafePress for extra cash, mostly to promote the Diner.  Worked out rather well and then I forgot about it.

I’ve got mugs from David, RJ, Margo, and another blog that for the life of me I can no longer find.  I had to stop taking them to work because I’d lose track of them for weeks on end.  I had a bunch more too, but I think they went home with people.
I want to do the same thing with the stuff I’m working on – do mugs and the like for “The Caretaker” and “The Cat Dragged Inn”.  I have to run stuff by RJ before I even consider it for “Isle of Shadows” but I have ideas for that too.

It’s all about promotion, and it worked really well for Laurell K. Hamilton, and while I never bought anything Anita or Merry related, I know they sold well.
An early idea for “The Caretaker”:

Caretaker Mug