A Day in The End Of A Life of A Preorder

Email from Company: Your Order has been Shipped, click this link for tracking.

Me: *click*

USPS Website: This tracking number doesn’t actually exist.

Me: *grumble* *send email to company*

Email to Company from Me: WTH? “The Postal Service could not locate the tracking information for your request. Please verify your tracking number and try again

Email from Company: Sometimes it takes USPS several days to update shipping information online. If you check back in a day or two, the link should work.

Email to Company From me: So First Class really isn’t first class? Or I’ll have this before USPS updates their website?

Email from Company: “I don’t see it taking longer than 5 days, but USPS hasn’t updated an ETA yet.”

Me: *grumble*

~le next day~

Email from Company: Your order should ship within the next few days. Looks like the link is working now as well. Thanks for your patience.

Email from me to Company: “Thanks, the link works fine (it actually worked fine yesterday) but I guess my issue is it hasn’t actually shipped yet  despite the proud subject line.  I basically have an email that says my package is thinking about being shipped (2 days ago) but hasn’t yet made a commitment to ship. And may not actually ship for a few days. But here’s an email!”


In other words, this isn’t a USPS issue – this is a Company issue because after 2 months of delays, someone jumped the gun and printed out all of the shipping labels, even though they aren’t all being shipped out at once.

I also realize this is totally a First World Problem, but still …

So. Much. Rage.
gif courtesy of http://avengingalexis.tumblr.com/