(So weirded out I forgot a title)

So I wanted to make this space all active-like, and talk about progress on the movie, and then I got busy with the movie and doing things that took my mind off the movie and forgot to post here.


But today in my email I received a preliminary scene breakdown, which isn’t a shot list (that comes later after all of the arguing has settled down and the medics have left) but a basic breakdown of scenes and where they need to be shot. It takes the script and breaks it into manageable pieces, because even in a short feature that only  has a few locations, there are a lot of scenes. Some who thinks in slices and bits needs to break out what needs to be shot where so we’re not all running around willy-nilly slapping our foreheads and drinking heavily.

Okay, so movies aren’t generally shot the way we see them on screen. I won’t walk onto set day one and expect to shoot the first scene and then the next, all linear and sensible. Movie people do it this way because of scheduling, weather, time, availability of materials, and espionage. It’s terribly complicated, which is why it was foisted off onto my 1st AD (*hi Sheree!). You can’t see it but I’m chair dancing.



“What’s a writer doing working as a director?” 
“Girl has got make a living.”


No, no, no, – not *that* chair dancing. Like this:

“We have an AD?”
“We totally have two ADs”


I do get to be the one that yells, “C’mon people, we’re losing daylight here!” I may even want to hold the clapboard, name it Bob and take it home with me. I haven’t decided yet. I still have time.

So far I have performed directory duties, such as casting, a table read, budget review (which required a drink), and now scene breakdown with location nods.

82 Days …

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