Movie Review: Stevie (2008) Made for TV

Stevie 2008 PG-13,  94 minutes Little Isabel is the child Claire and Adrián always wanted, but the adopted six-year-old’s not-so-imaginary friend, Stevie, is another matter. (Netflix) Starring: Catherine McCormack, Jordi Mollà Director: Bryan Goeres Produced byDrimtim Entertainment and FishCorb Films Distributor: Osirus Entertainment Trailer: For a Made for TV movie, I suppose it wasn’t bad (and I only have IMBD to […]

As anyone who’s been following my Get Glue profile knows, I spend the weekends devouring a lot of movies. I don’t watch them for artistic merit or originality or hardcore scares. I just want to watch a movie and be relatively entertained. I almost never review the scads of movies after I watch them because […]