A Death in New Orleans

My heart in broken into a million little pieces and I’ve been wandering the streets of the French Quarter and Lower Garden District collecting the shards. There’s a piece on Wilkinson, there’s a sliver in Bywater, there’s a large jagged hunk under a tree in Holt Cemetery. What pieces I can find, I bring back […]

When you sit down in a theater with your $20 popcorn and your cup of 32 ounce soda (a cup they won’t let you pee into, might I add), you know you’re ready for an experience. You’ll see a film and you know there will be some special effects, some funny dialogue, some decent acting. But do you really […]

New Orleans is one of those fabled towns people talk about visiting. It has its own history separate from other cities, and a magic that thrums throughout the streets day or night. I finally got a chance to visit that city (and I’ll be able to write it off as a business expense!) during the middle […]

Peep! This! Poster! Starring Oryan Landa, Selena Samaripa,  Steven Mitchell, Peggy Schott, Andrew Moher, Dan Nelson, Samuel French, and Kathi McAdoo at Auntie. Looknow Productions in conjunction with littleblackduck, filming this summer in New Orleans. Do you love it as I do?   O’Ryan Landa Selena Samaripa Steven Mitchell Peggy Schott Andrew Moher Samuel French […]