Official Casting Announcement for “Love Labored Lost” (working title)

I did not forget to do this several weeks ago. I just neglected to remember in a timely fashion.  Please find below your Cast and Crew: Oryan Landa – Guy Lara Shah – Judy* Steven Mitchell – Ben Peggy Schott  – Elizabeth Andrew Moher – Todd Samuel French – Joe Dan Nelson – Phil Kathi McAdoo – Auntie […]

I’d like to tell you that I’ve been busy working on my novels or submitting stories to anthologies, but my life sadly hasn’t been that flavor of crazy. It’s totally been ANOTHER FLAVOR OF CRAZY – like a sour apple with raspberry sugar! It was recently announced one of my short stories was being turned into a […]

Back in 2005, I was a unpublished writer scouring listings for places to submit. I’d been actively submitting my short stories to all sorts of markets, mostly magazines I knew or had heard good things about. In a desperate reach I punched into Google “horror submissions short story”and lo and behold saw a call for […]