MMLB – VI: We’re the only ones that can save you now

For the second year in a row, Berkley VFW Post 9222 has agreed to be the staging point for the final ceremony. a frenzy of power will be raised, culminating at midnight when the Auction will be unleashed!  It’s time for the annual Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers Monster Mash for Literacy Bash! Gather […]

(This is a glorified recipe thread – originally posted on another forum). You are cordially invited to Penda’s Party of Past Lives, Celebrating the Passed on and Passed Over. Because this is make-believe and we have all of the time in the world, you are required to bring two dishes. Give me two – appetizers, main course, […]

It no longer matters how it started, or where, or even when. The Before Time is a concept as intangible as fairy wings, as inconceivable as safe passage beyond the Wall. This is the Apocalypse, and while unspeakable creatures roam the streets in search of food and carnal terror, Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers […]