Stories To Read With Your Eyes!

I have found myself published in strange and wonderful places like Black Petals #36, Black Ink Horror #4 and #5,  Murky Depths #3, and  Necrotic Tissue #10.  Most recently, I’ve been thrilled to be a part of‘s Quick Shivers anthologies, and Sirens Call, Issues 19 and 24 (free!).  Some of the older issues hold the distinction of being out of print, however I do take pity on your broken soul and offer some of those stories below.

If you’d like to show your appreciation (and you should always show your appreciation), this page offers links for purchasing works in still print and in some cases, digital download.

I Do This Because I Love You (short film script available upon request)

So Much For Love Potion #8

And On The Seventh Day

The Serpent Bearer

Lost … If Found

The Suicide Bar

Twas the Night

The Sandbox

Bloody Run



Made In


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