Longtime followers of my website know that I’ve tried for years (2006, 2007, 2009) to manage a Traveling Moleskine Project successfully to completion. Here’s the lunacy in a nutshell: A notebook arrives on the doorstep. Lucky person keeps and cherishes that book for 7 Days, scribbling, jotting, doodling and on Day 7 pops it into the mail for […]

In Thai folklore, a Kuman Thong is a household divinity – I’m guessing like a kitchen witch, or maybe even a Brownie. According to hastily researched sources, a long time ago in a lang far away, necromancers used to take the body of stillborn infants, dress them in a neat oil called Nam Man Phrai (honest to goodness baby oil – from babies).

While we’re on the subject of making Andrea more famous because she doesn’t know how to talk to people,  do allow me to direct you to another person who had a few more things to say on the subject: Adam Whitlatch: Introducing the Douchenozzle-to-English Translator It’s important to develop skills which allow one to properly […]