Kwame Kilpatrick, the guy that used a dying City to fund an affair, some vacations, his wife’s Hummel collection, and his boys’ private school education, has been found guilty of a lot! Racketeering, Extortion, Attempted Extortion, Mail Fraud, Bribery, Wire Fraud, Subscribing False Tax Returns and Income Tax Evasion. Kwame Kilpatrick was found guilty on […]

So yes, that is my group you see advertised on CW50 Community pages, because we really are about giving back to the City we love. Join the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers for an afternoon of conversation centering around the creative side of the writing process. Outlines? Prompts? Contests? Is writing really like opening a […]

gee – let’s try to break this down: You treated the City of Detroit like your own personal kingdom. You got a dancer killed You got good cops fired You lied repeatedly You tried to skip town without paying your debt You continue to think we’ll just forget about what you did You continue to […]