Post-Convention Fragments and the Not Me

The first convention of the year (for me) is in the books and I’m already exhausted for the year. Motor City Nightmares is proving to be the Little Engine that Really, Sorta Wants To, and every year they get a little better. I get to see my vender friends, look cute all weekend, and see celebrities. […]

Conventions and conferences are scary places for people who’ve never attended one. It’s not all showy displays, vendors and people in costume, though you’d think that’s what Cons were for – Furries and Freaks looking for an excuse to drink. To this list I would add – do not confuse “collaboration” with “sexy time”. Every con I […]

Seriously. This was a big discussion in many of the circles I run, specifically male privilege and the pass we allow some people because of how things were in The Before Time. I don’t want to open up a whole new can of worms rehashing that all over again, but as a female who attends conventions and […]

This past weekend, I found myself once again in the company of people I consider second relations, like hillbillies you only acknowledge when you need a transplant. Science Fiction is not my first love, not like Horror, but none the less, these are my people. These are the kinds of people who can work the […]