When I find this person…

… I will take extreme pleasure in removing their eyelids in 2mm slices. So this just arrived at my house.

What the effing eff...

I’ll probably donate it to a women’s shelter since my sister’s kid is already two months old, but I am less than amused.

7 thoughts on “When I find this person…

  1. If you bought your sister anything with a credit card for her baby, that’s where it came from. Formula companies are notorious for farming people’s information.

  2. Somebody is fucking with you maybe. Or breast feeding has become too popular and they’re hoping the kit will reach a potential consumer or relative or friend. Or they have overstock and have to get them out before they expire.

    All I can say is the line about removing eyelids was scrumptious.

    1. Paranoia is indeed unflattering however when I receive lots of baby items to my email and home address, when it’s a known fact I don’t like children and have zero intentions of bearng any (especially at my age), I prefer to err on the side of stabby.