Tripping over good men

Tripping over good men

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Disclaimer: this was handed to a co-worker while she waited in line at a Pancake House. She said the guy was staring and making her feel uncomfortable, dropping all sorts of lines that make the Creep Meter overload and self-destruct.

This begs the question: how many of these cards does he have? How many has he given out? What kind of pathetic, self-loathing mouse of a woman gets this card and honestly thinks this playa gives a damn about her or the 50 other women that probably call him.

Listen to me. Like women are really calling. *snicker*

I almost wish he’d stepped to me. Seriously pal, do I look like someone who needs your charity?

0 thoughts on “Tripping over good men

  1. The absolute gall of some guys who believe that all it takes is a business card and a smile.

    “Hey baby, wanna see the size of my confidence?”

    I’ve got to know how many women call back. I feel like setting up a support group for them.

  2. Wow. That’s, ah… that’s impressive. And by ‘impressive’, I mean ‘feckin’ creepy’. Why doesn’t he just make a Myspace page like everyone else?
    And who names their kid Napier? That’s a last name, not a first name. Problem No.1.

    Also, the Duck’s new layout is most impressive! It’s smoooooth.