This is kinda fun

No, I’m not doing NaNo, but I am finishing up some short stories and loose ends to close out a few notebooks.

This one is an untitled short story that I was going to write for an anthology last year only never got around to actually writing it, but I think will fit in nicely with the Apocalypse theme of the next Erie Tales. I don’t usually write stories this long, and I’m still about 1,000 words from being happy with a first draft, but  this Write or Die program is kinda sweet.

Set a word count, set a goal, and write.  If you lag or wander, you’ll get visual cues (like a desktop that turns angry shades of red), audio cues (babies crying, demented violins), and if you’re feeling sadistic – the deletion of the very words you’ve spent time writing.

So anyway, I’m breaking for a little lunch before diving back into it.

Just this fox. I'm a writer of horror and dark fantasy. I totally don't brag about it. The latter statement is an utter lie.

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