They’re going to make me turn in my Geek Card …

I’ll admit it — I haven’t been watching The Guild.

I don’t have any tangible excuse for my behavior. I can claim not enough time, but we all know that’s a lie since when really motivated, I can screw around on the internet for days.

Anywho – having finally reached the end of the Internet this evening while simultaneously getting exactly no writing done, I decided to go through the blog RSS feeds I’d been ignoring (because I’ve been so busy).

I clicked on a link via recent Birthday Boy, Wil Wheaton.

This hits all of my buttons: bright shiny things, Felicia Day, and OMG – Bollywood Musical Numbers !!!11!!1!!

I can’t guarantee one video will make me a regular viewer of The Guild, but if it’s all this clever, I can see me losing several evenings pretending to not watch.