Two of Me in One Convenient Volume

This seems to be one of those s00pr sekrits I had no idea I was keeping. The annual anthology of the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers is out, Erie Tales: Tales of the Apocalypse/Resurrection Mary, and wee me has two new stories inside. For the Apocalypse, I have a Western (I know!) entitled Caliente, and the […]

It no longer matters how it started, or where, or even when. The Before Time is a concept as intangible as fairy wings, as inconceivable as safe passage beyond the Wall. This is the Apocalypse, and while unspeakable creatures roam the streets in search of food and carnal terror, Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers […]

The seasons change, the air grows crisp, the leaves lie dead on the ground. But other things stir beneath the leaves, beneath the dirt, in crypts and in coffins – and they wait. Oh, I think they may be waiting for you. All Hallows Eve approaches dark and stealthy like a feral cat and the […]