So yes, that is my group you see advertised on CW50 Community pages, because we really are about giving back to the City we love. Join the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers for an afternoon of conversation centering around the creative side of the writing process. Outlines? Prompts? Contests? Is writing really like opening a […]

The seasons change, the air grows crisp, the leaves lie dead on the ground. But other things stir beneath the leaves, beneath the dirt, in crypts and in coffins – and they wait. Oh, I think they may be waiting for you. All Hallows Eve approaches dark and stealthy like a feral cat and the […]

I don’t even know where to begin with this day. Lots of images in my head from the time Loki walked across my stomach at 6 this morning until right now as I listen to my Tigers crush the Oakland A’s. Coffee and a few bites of German Chocolate cake comprised breakfast, and then I […]