Google Glass – Let Me Show You It

The future has promised us a lot – flying cars, personal jetpacks, ten days aboard the Fhloston Paradise. So far, despite advances in modern medicine and instant communication, the future has been an incredible disappointment.   Now comes Google Glass, a fancy wearable computer that brings the whole of the internet to your right eye. […]

(since this episode of My Strange Addictions will be airing January 26, 2011 at 9:00 PM EST, I thought I’d push it a wee bit – plus Davecat is sending people here, so *waves*) I’m not on TV a lot. Okay, never. I don’t do a ton of interviews as a rule and it has […]

Okay, I see that the Powers That Be controlling British programming will be airing Guys and Dolls again, and you people (that’s all of you who dig Davecat, Sidore, as well as assorted looky-loos) are wondering who I am, why he keeps talking about me, and if I have a sister. I in fact have […]