I spent my workout day resting and focused instead on some stretching. No one wants to hear about that so let’s just get to the metrics. Day 46/Day 2 PBJ – It’s not really a ghost. We have another chicken salad-wrapped crescent roll, sauteed asparagus and a Roma tomato with goat cheese and a roasted […]

There’s some secular-religious discussion here, so if it bothers you or clashes with your personal image of me, you can sit on it and spin. I’m not Catholic, but I observe Lent. I don’t believe you have to be particularly religious to appreciate parables and mythologies woven into the fabric of mainstream religions, and the […]

Monday Bento 2/4/13 Originally uploaded by MontiLee Upper berth: Hummus and Lamb Ghallaba from Beirut Palace. Lower berth: Broccoli, Carrots, Grape Tomatoes. Piggy holds the Garlic Sauce. Chickie holds the meds. As most people know, I started making little bento lunches for myself last winter, partly in an effort to lose weight, mostly in an effort to […]

Sure I can. When I tried to skip away from Facebook I wanted to do it quietly, because I really dislike drama. Posts where people dramatically throw their hand to their forehead before announcing their trek into the unknown irk me. I’m not leaving now. No, no – don’t try and stop me and don’t […]

New Year means new stuff, right? Usually I start off with amiable resolutions for the coming year and a pledge to increase output on all sorts of Pollyanna stuff, but this time  – kids, I’m just not feeling it. I have so much to look forward to in 2013 (completed manuscripts, directing a movie, New Orleans, World […]