Search Strings and Dead Things

Haven’t done this in a while. 

Top 40 Search Strings to  I don’t have anything interesting, like RJ does, but I’m often curious if people find what they are looking for. let’s see if I can figure out what they wanted.

dead babies
american mcge-
american mcgee
damaged goods
pamplet for syphilis
peach cobbler magic bullet
the recording for black duck
william sanders helix
100 things about me
black duck
boobie thon
boobiethon 2007
brieana noe
carmen slowski
computer person cartoons
computers internet blog
curves anti-choice
dead little fly
donations for erica rix totaled
far side dwarves suspect hungry
franklin arroues boise
free will baptists
hopper comics
how to make peach cobbler
katie couric loser
kwame christine
kwame hires christine beatty
liquid story binder
morbid ghost stories
neil gaiman longhand
never seen like you before
newborn babies
oh sweet mystery of life at last i found you
orchard in the dark ages
pastor steven king pinellas county
peach cobbler recipe
penda aquarium

When I have time later, maybe I’ll put up links as to where future visitors can find that happy info.

0 thoughts on “Search Strings and Dead Things

  1. For a second, I’d read ‘kwame hires christine beatty’ as ‘kwame hi-res christine beatty’. As in a Christine Beatty, as viewed with a rather expensive graphics card. O, Technology, what won’t you muck about with?

    Funny, too, how you have ‘newborn babies’ and ‘dead babies’ in your list. Maybe it’s the same person?