Re-Bound: This week could not have ended any better

Rough week for Yours Truly, but it ended on such a high note, I can’t help but smile.


"Settle down for Story Time or there won't be any greymeat and clot sundaes for dessert."


Re-Bound aims for a launch in late August and signings local to the Metro Detroit area are in the works. For those lucky enough to have snagged Bound back in the day, cherish your rare copy because this is no reprint. Re-Bound is a relaunch of the Black Frog Comics label, and wee me finds herself with two tales illustrated by two incredibly talented artists.

“Shooting for a late August release in northern U.S. and everywhere in the U.S. after that. Here is a sneak peek of one of the stories that will leave you with goosebumps-from one of Michigan’s leading ladies of the macabre!! MontiLee Stormer!!” (source)

The extra exclamation points mean serious business and a warm glow that comes from more than fresh body parts.