Okay, PTB I can take a hint

Scene: Grocery story after a long day of working for a living

Players: Me, Grocery Clerk

Items on belt: Two (2) cans of cat food, two (2) bags of salad one (1) bottle Boone’s Farm Fuzzy Navel

Me (trying to appear chatty): You know, I’ve never tried that before.
Clerk: The salad?
Me: *sad face*

I haven’t done anything remotely like exercise (and taking a bus up Kennessaw Mountain doesn’t really count) since I broke my toe a month ago. I’m  not turning this into a weight-loss blog, but I can certainly tell you that there will be no BoobieThon pics this year unless I’m happy with what I see in a few weeks.

I know, I shouldn’t  punish the world for my sloth and gluttony, but I do not have Anna Nicole Smith’s joie de vivre no her inability yo face reality when it came to weight-appropriate clothing.

I have missed my Latin dace DVD and my salsa’s starting to look a little chunky…

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  • PJ

    Gods …. @ the grocery clerk.

    So how was the fuzzy navel?

    How to ask this question w/o sounding like an idiot. The Latin dance DVD – is it hard to do? As in .. for clumsy people? I think that might be fun to try.

    • little black duck

      I liked the Fuzzy Navel, and it’s easy to see how kids could drink this all day long. Me attending the schools I did – it never crossed our minds.

      The DVD I have is called the 10 Minute Solution, Fat Blasting Latin Dance Mix. It was $6 at Best Buy. There are 5 ten-minute routines that you can do individually or set up your own sequence.

      Personally, since I have the coordination of a golem in rigor, I found it not hard. Every step you learn is foundation for the next move and then you put it all together. Takes a few runs through to get it completely down, but at it is fun. And man, you work up a sweat. I figure in three or so weeks I’ll have three of them strung together for a full workout.

  • PJ

    Thank you. I will try to remember the title and look for this. In the next few weeks I hope to have the yoga/exercise room cleared of boxes (or the leftover ones shoved into the corner) and start getting my body a bit more toned.

    I’ve been busting ass between this house and helping the kids get their apartments ready for rentals and my body has been crying hard because it is so out of shape.

  • Renee Anne

    *sigh* The stupidity of others makes me pray for humanity…often. I don’t think it was a “fat” comment, per se…just stupidity.

    And, incidentally, how was the Boone’s Farm? I think I have a bottle of that in my fridge…or was that the watermelon…or something else? I have probably three bottles of Boone’s Farm in the fridge right now (sadly, unopened).

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