Official Casting Announcement for “Love Labored Lost” (working title)

I did not forget to do this several weeks ago. I just neglected to remember in a timely fashion.  Please find below your Cast and Crew:

Oryan Landa – Guy
Lara Shah – Judy*
Steven Mitchell 
– Ben
Peggy Schott
 – Elizabeth
Andrew Moher – Todd
Samuel French
– Joe
Dan Nelson – Phil
Kathi McAdoo 

(Let the academic character nit-picking begin!)

Crew (thus far):

Assistant Directors: (1st) Sheree Ross, (2nd) Matthew Paris
Sound: Frank Papa III
Prop Master: Michele McGraw
Set Design: Mia Rangel
Lighting and Additional Bodies: Greg DeBlieux
Camera Operator: Josh Newton
Office Production: Meredi Wagner-Hoehn
Produced by: Looknow Productions in cahoots with littleblackduck
Executive Producer: Carlos Samudio
Written and Directed: MontiLee Stormer – that’s me!
Assistant Location Scout: Mariposa Stormer

Based on the short story “I Do This Because I Love You, appears in Bound #1, published as a graphic story by Hopper Comics, 2006.

Production begins June 2013.


Guy drives an old man car, but Judy is totally cool with that


*Originally Selena Samaripa

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