It starts today.

There are 16 (approximately) people total on the list – which is more than I’m comfortable with but as I know where you all live I’m okay with it.  Plus, believe it or not, not all of my addresseds have been verified.  If you’ve received an e-mail from me about that and haven’t answered by the 7, you’re gonna be SOL until the next round.

The rules are simple – don’t mutilate it, don’t wreck it, DON’T LOSE IT!  You have seven (7) days to live with it, love it, tell it dirty things and on day eight (8), you pop it into the post and send it to the next person on the list. I won’t list the names here, but I will let people know when they are up.  A copy will also be with the Little Black Book (so people know who to send it to).

omg! It's here! graphic © MontiLee Stormer
omg! It's here! graphic © MontiLee Stormer

Let the games begin.

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