I think I need to meet Jack

It’s funny.

I’ve been thinking a lot about book trailers, which is really putting the cart before the horse, because I’ve got months to go on some projects. I like being a forward thinking person, unfortunately it keeps me from focusing on what needs to get done now.  Like the writing part to create material that a future trailer pimps.

So it’s no surprise that when I see a good trailer I get antsy.

Today, I came across a trailer by a woman I should probably be reading more of, not because she’s in my genre, but specifically because she’s not in my genre. I’m sure I’m buying this book (in one form or another) when it hits the streets September 13.

You can meet  Jack, too.

Come across any book trailers that made you more than a little curious?

2 thoughts on “I think I need to meet Jack

  1. does a book trailer leave you antsy because of your own unfinished work or because of the nature of the medium?

    i understand why there are book trailers in this day and age, but i’m not really sure if they actually motivate people to buy books. an acquaintance’s book trailer made me not want to read her book, as it came across as overly sexual, juvenile, silly–all the things the book was not.

    but that’s just me, and i’m a curmudgeon.

    1. It leaves me antsy because it makes me want to complete something and get a trailer of my own.

      As for the rest, I can see your point.

      It’s all marketing, in my opinion. A poor marketing plan can sink a book, and a good PR firm or person knows how to tailor an ad towards a certain market. I’ve seen action films marketed as comedies and thrillers as romantic dramas. In the end, it’s up to the audience if it works.

      As a writer you have to trust either your own PR firm or your own judgement. Research is key.

      As novels disappear from book shelves, it’s hard to rely solely on the back of a book you can’t read or a review that might never get written. As more and more book trailers go viral it’s important to see the merit in them. They can reach a wider range of people who may otherwise not have seen it.

      Even if I don’t read Emma’s book, she’s on my radar now. That’s a win in her book.