Dear Future Self, 2010

(cross-posted to Warren’s LJ but it bears repeating because it’s that important)

Dear Future Me:

2008 was hard but it could have been worse. You landed on your feet with a great job that makes the one you lost in 2007 it’s bitch with respect, benefits and a unmatched level of awesome.

You came within one chapter of finishing Isle with RJ by your birthday in 2008. You’ve got a finished novel Cupcake, and maybe now by this time 2010 you’ve got two more? Enjoy the taste of that for just a scant moment before you jump into the fight to finish the other projects you’ve got lined up because people are asking what’s next in the pipe. Give them what they want because you’re a drug they can’t inject fast or often enough. Be the pusher.

You have Never, CDI, and Caretaker done and with the right people? You’ve done all of the panels RJ set you up with despite your fear of crowds and crushing stage fright? Good, because it makes everything else look easy by comparison.

You proved you could not only get published but get repeatedly published and develop a following. They’re coming to you, now. This means lots of things – mostly that it can be done, and if you’d actually applied yourself, you could have really made something happen. I though we talked about that “half-doing stuff” thing.

And now you sound like Dad.

But you look like you, and this is good, because at the very least it opens doors and makes people take notice. Once they notice you, once you have their attention, you can make them do anything. I’ve seen you do it. It’s amazing and it’s wicked, and if you would only apply yourself …

Never mind.

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