It’s Been A Banner Few Weeks For This Fox

I’m still coming down from the Great Genealogy Hunt in Alabama (which is being written in exhaustive chunks), but the feels have remained warm and happy. In the last two weeks, I’ve been a featured selfie on an HWA site –  I’ve been accepted in a drabble anthology (which you can pre-order), and another anthology I’ll be […]

For the second year in a row, Berkley VFW Post 9222 has agreed to be the staging point for the final ceremony. a frenzy of power will be raised, culminating at midnight when the Auction will be unleashed!  It’s time for the annual Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers Monster Mash for Literacy Bash! Gather […]

Or pretty unpopular – that works too. My biggest fear when giving presentations or editing and publishing, like when I train at work, is that I come off a little hard. Writers don’t like that approach – we’re fragile creatures and we all want to be told that ONE DAY WE’LL BE ESTABLISHED, WELL-PAID AUTHORS. […]

As we move into the last year of the Human Era, I believe that it’s important to keep track of every single day to make it memorable, or at least draw a big red X through it In this vein of doom and budding selfless charity, I present to you the 2012 GLAHW Horror Calendar […]

This seems to be one of those s00pr sekrits I had no idea I was keeping. The annual anthology of the Great Lakes Association of Horror Writers is out, Erie Tales: Tales of the Apocalypse/Resurrection Mary, and wee me has two new stories inside. For the Apocalypse, I have a Western (I know!) entitled Caliente, and the […]