I think there’s something new and fledgling writers should know: There are people out there who will publish you who aren’t terribly interested in you as a writer or even care if you’re any good. They exist solely to prop up a deflated ego, or soothe a wounded sense of self, or simply act like […]

Sure I can. When I tried to skip away from Facebook I wanted to do it quietly, because I really dislike drama. Posts where people dramatically throw their hand to their forehead before announcing their trek into the unknown irk me. I’m not leaving now. No, no – don’t try and stop me and don’t […]

New Year means new stuff, right? Usually I start off with amiable resolutions for the coming year and a pledge to increase output on all sorts of Pollyanna stuff, but this time  – kids, I’m just not feeling it. I have so much to look forward to in 2013 (completed manuscripts, directing a movie, New Orleans, World […]

I think dressing up as a skunk is adorable. I think shooting skunks (for fun or pest control) is deplorable. I think shooting a little girl dressed as a skunk is worthy of the chair. I was going to write-up a huge PSA about alcohol and stupidity mixing with wee children wearing costumes this Halloween season, but this […]