little black book project – Take 4

Longtime followers of my website know that I’ve tried for years (2006, 2007, 2009) to manage a Traveling Moleskine Project successfully to completion. Here’s the lunacy in a nutshell: A notebook arrives on the doorstep. Lucky person keeps and cherishes that book for 7 Days, scribbling, jotting, doodling and on Day 7 pops it into the mail for […]

Like many people who have blogs with tracking features, I like to keep an eye on what brings people to my blog and website.  I like to see what links they follow, what sites they visited first and what keywords brought them over. In the past my biggest draw was a series of blogs I […]

graphic © MontiLee Stormer ****  I can’t believe I’m doing this again. Over the last few years of the three books sent out – absolutely none of them have returned. . . . However, the itch is back and I feel the need to do it once more, if only because the project is so […]