A few years ago, when Twitter and I were just met and I was looking to make new writing friends and contacts, I noticed Scott Sigler (@scottsigler) engaged in wild intercourse with J.C. Hutchins (@jchutchins ) (and by this I mean Tweets, you filthy degenerates).  Shortly after, I was tapped by J.C. to be all […]

I was going to post this in the comments section of the original article, but I don’t want those bitter dweebs all over my blog.  Now before we all start reading, this isn’t directed at anyone in particular (ducky, I’m looking at you because I can hear the howls of righteous indignation already).  It dovetails […]

Clever idea from author JC Hutchins in promoting his new book, Personal Effects:  Dark Arts (St. Martin’s Press, June 2009).  Because I am a wolf in sheep’s clothing following other sheep, I had to do this too. The commitment paper was completely worth it. Go on – get committed! Original (revised) Text: Temporary transfer from […]