I want to be clear about this – I don’t have a problem with fan-fiction, so long as it remains part of the not-for-profit, fair-use celebration of characters that it’s always been. I’m know there are some very talented people out there who, by virtue of another author’s work, create scenes, situations, and storylines for […]

Yeah, that is a pretty clever title. For a little over five years, those who write (as well as those who think they can) have been bickering over the death of Print, as if it’s some bitter old Grand Dame too stubborn to finally croak and leave her millions of readers in their capable hands. When […]

It’s no secret that I love my audio books. I am a multiple-format reader, but due to personal space, my paper copies are regulated to my stuff,  gifts, hardcovers I’m already collecting (yes, I’m the nut with every Stephen King original trade hardcover), and treasured works from people I (kinda) know. Everything else, I have either in […]

It’s funny. I’ve been thinking a lot about book trailers, which is really putting the cart before the horse, because I’ve got months to go on some projects. I like being a forward thinking person, unfortunately it keeps me from focusing on what needs to get done now.  Like the writing part to create material that a […]