Looks like the publisher of Misty’s stolen books is Misty herself! Misty Wright, the author of this article, is a contemporary suspense romance author and the founder of iVisionaryMedia.com. The company is dedicated to provide high- quality and excellent content from esteemed authors and “renowned” editors. Source Renowned authors repackaged as Misty! It’s terribly convenient. The […]

Every once in a while, in lieu of new content to keep you occupied and knowing that no one except full-fledged stalkers goes through my blog as far back as a few months, I like to hop in the Way Back Machine. I’ve lived in my current home about 18 years, which is a long […]

This has been a topic of hot debate for a few weeks now and I wanna share some stuff too! Jerrod started it and Paul continued a conversation about a really shady project and I’m bringing it back to the individual writer as common street busker. I don’t fund, share, or encourage Kickstarter projects for books.  Or IndiGoGo. […]