Kwame Kilpatrick, the guy that used a dying City to fund an affair, some vacations, his wife’s Hummel collection, and his boys’ private school education, has been found guilty of a lot! Racketeering, Extortion, Attempted Extortion, Mail Fraud, Bribery, Wire Fraud, Subscribing False Tax Returns and Income Tax Evasion. Kwame Kilpatrick was found guilty on […]

… also, I can’t help myself. I try to stay out of the political fray (except when it comes to local politics) because really, how I ultimately vote is my own business.  Having said that, some news items make your mouth drop open in utter disbelief. By now you’ve heard that Mitt doesn’t understand why […]

Our Helen, I know your bum’s a bit red from the recent lashings, but look, dear, it’s really quite simple. You can rant and rave about journalism and Freedom of the Press all Day – please, feel free. It is your Constitutional right, after all.  The unspoken side of that right is pulling up your […]