I married a Cardboard Cutout, says the Jailbait Bride

(if this looks familiar, it’s because I post a version of it every year) It was 17 years ago today that Douglas Stormer married MontiLee Points in Las Vegas, Nevada.  We had saved up our money for over a year, planned two and a half days on the train, three days in Vegas and one […]

So, beneath my black little heart lies a smaller heart that has a love for yarn crafts.               Except I do the occasional project for others. I’ve made hats and vests and sweaters, but this past week I had the opportunity to help some darling little girls dress their […]

Yeah, yeah, I owe a ridiculous post, but I’m in the middle of something. Recently I re-discovered Cardcaptors, which is something I got caught up in during it’s brief American incarnation and as I tend to do, I got a little fixated. On Kero-chan: I know,  he’s so cute and sweet, your teeth are falling […]