Black Ink Horror #5

(I’ll do a Rabbit Hole post in a little bit).

Photo Credit, Black Ink Horror, Sideshow Press
Photo Credit, Black Ink Horror, Sideshow Press

Black Ink Horror #5 is up for pre-order.

Same rule applies as when #4 came out.  Sideshow Press is limiting it’s run and it would be awesome if you could make me terribly proud by selling that bad boy out.

If history is any teacher, we know that these won’t last. I want you, my Faithful, to get your hands on these treasured copies. It does not matter if those other writers’ fans get a copy. Only you. And you know I mean it.

Here is the link to pre-order Black Ink Horror #5 (featuring other wonderful authors such as Douglas E. Wright, David E. Greske, and Kristine Ong Muslim, and Sam W. Anderson):


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