Animal Resorts Inc. in Alexandria, VA = Dangerous

Boosting the signal for a friend in Virginia  who had a horrifying experience with what he thought was a trusted boarding kennel.  You go with what you know, but positive experiences in the past clearly do not guarantee positive experiences in the future.

I’ve never been much for yelp! but I will start using it going forward. Too many red flags and detailed experiences with this company and it’s a little heartbreaking.

It would appear that business like Animal Resorts Inc are trying to get by on the cheap with poorly trained employees and potentially dangerous conditions. Don’t let your babies fall victim to a callous owner (flexible hours that don’t benefit anyone but the business when the client has to pay an extra day), days when no one is on the premises (who’s caring for the animals?), and rude office staff.

Bill’s cat is being monitored now as she requires insulin shots and it was clear she did not get them.

Anyway, Bill’s story is here and here. Be advised that the Animal Resorts, Inc Facebook page seems to be deleting unflattering posts without answer or comment so something is up.

We trust facilities like this to keep our babies safe when we’re gone if  friends or family can’t help. We wouldn’t let negligent child care centers continue to operate, so let’s not let the most innocent of our loved ones suffer. Be advised  BBB and local Animal Welfare League will be  contacted.

We welcome Animal Resorts side of things, however no one has any confidence that is forthcoming.


Bill's Baby