And there was rejoicing in the streets . . .

Clever idea from author JC Hutchins in promoting his new book, Personal Effects:  Dark Arts (St. Martin’s Press, June 2009).  Because I am a wolf in sheep’s clothing following other sheep, I had to do this too.

The commitment paper was completely worth it.

Go on – get committed!

Commitment Papers to Brinkvale Psychiatric Hospita;
Commitment Papers to Brinkvale Psychiatric Hospital

Original (revised) Text: Temporary transfer from St. Aloysius (aka, Eloise) Sanitarium in Detroit, MI (renovations and fumigation), being treated for Dissociative Fugue Disorder. Writer personality (A) began graphically documenting the disturbing and vicious exploits of psychopathic personality (B), while unaware of the nocturnal activities of (B) during extended periods of self-described “wanderlust” – “seeing the town,” (A) called it, yet unable to actually remember what was seen and done.” Crimes may have gone unsolved until (A) became a published author, her stories and novels revealing intimidate details of crime scenes not released to the media. Initial triggering trauma not yet uncovered, but may have happened far back as 30 years ago. Early childhood artwook and subsequent writings reveal fear of loss and keen interest in the occult. It must be noted that early treatment avenues of electroconvulsive therapy were unsuccessful.