An Aside on “The Happening”

As I read various reviews, many of them script reviews and then the movie reviews that follow, I am giggling at the amount of people that compare M. Night’s movies to an abusive relationship, saying:

Seeing a Shyamalan has become this horrifically abusive relationship where I desperately cling to the belief that if I keep loving him, he’ll stop hitting me.

Edited to add: People: saying a movie “isn’t *that* bad” is not a saving grace and does not make me want to run over my own grandmother to go out and see it.

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  • ToxicProdigy

    While I totally agree that MNS’s movies are easily equatable to an abusive relationship, I can’t help but feel a small sense of sadness and loss because he started out with such promise. No, I don’t mean Sixth Sense. And I certainly don’t mean Wide Awake.

    If you ever have the chance to watch his very first film, Praying With Anger, I strongly encourage you to jump at the chance. It’s totally different from what has become “his style” of story-telling. I’m not sure what happened to him to cause the jump from earnest writer/director to “predictable-twist-suspense-pos” kind of writer/director, but whatever it was, we should regret his loss of potential.

  • Kaitlyn

    I totally agree about MNS’s movies. My roommate is exactly the same way, though she tended to like some of his later, and crappier, stuff. And she hated ‘The Happening.’ Seriously, when even your long-term fans, who put up with crap like ‘The Village’ leave you, you’re in some serious trouble.

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