Did you know this stuff

Ready – Go

1. My favorite color is Green.
2. I am terrified of spiders
3. I am a great-grand-niece of W.C. Handy (on my Dad’s side).
4. I love swing music.
5. Two of my favorite Big Band tunes are “One O’clock Jump” and “Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing)”.
6. My first encounter with Stephen King was when I was 8 and my mother read me “The Boogey Man” from the Night Shift Collection. I’ve been hooked ever since
7. My favorite movie is Poltergeist, and the first time saw it in the theater I spent the last 20 minutes under my seat. Figuratively.
8. I believe that in a past life I was strangled or perhaps had my throat cut. Things tight around my neck make me break out in sweats.
9. If based on the name of my first pet and the first street I lived on, my porn name would Ruffles Turner.
10. I once did a numerology reading that said I would reach the first major peak in my life at age 30 and again at 42.
11. I was actually disappointed when I found out baby oil didn’t come from babies.
12. My favorite Sailor Moon character is Sailor Jupiter.
13. I have had a 6-inch figurine of Dark/Small Lady on my desk flanked by a 1-inch Artemis and 1-inch Luna.
14. I attempted suicide when I was 12. I have three bands of scar tissue on each wrist.
15. I lied about the scars for years before finally accepting that they were a permanent part of my life.
16. I am a Kitchen Witch studying Southern Hoodoo.
17. I have a low tolerance for Pagan Fluffy Bunnies and an even lower tolerance for Christian-bashing Pagans.
18. In 2002, I won a contest sponsored by author Douglas Clegg in which my name appeared as the name of a character. The book was “The Hour Before Dark”.
19. In 1999 I won a trip to the Buffy Halloween Bash near Century City, CA.
20. I had a run-in with Nicolas (Xander) Brendan. He was in the doorway signing autographs when I walked up. He said, “I’m sorry no more autographs.” I said, “I don’t want your autograph, I want to get by.” He look flustered but he moved.
21. My favorite Stephen King book is a serious toss up between IT and The Talisman.
22. The best SF/Fantasy series I’ve ever read and completed was The Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazny.
23. One song that always makes me think of the 80’s is “Always Something There To Remind Me” by Naked Eyes.
24. I am a recovering X-Files nut. I think the last 2½ seasons were unnecessary and ultimately unwatchable.
25. I will never recover from Buffy.
26. I have a mole on the bottom of my right foot.
27. I was born in Grace Hospital, December 11, 1972. Where Grace Hospital used to stand is now an empty Super K-mart a Home Depot.
28. Because of my birthday’s closeness to Christmas, I am Queen of the Combo-gifts. When I become Ultimate Dictator, Combo-gifts will be outlawed and punishable by slow death.
29. I am a Sagittarius with a Scorpio Gemini rising. All you have to know about that is I can be very happy-go-lucky while I run you over with my car.
30. The worst night I ever had drinking was in 1994 at Wild Woody’s Bar. Try to keep up: one (1) non-alcoholic brew, one (1) Three Wise Men (that would be a shot EACH of Jim Beam, Old Grandad, and Johnny Walker), and four (4) Gin and Tonics. Take to the dance floor and shake well. Pray to the Porcelain God for two days.
31. The smell of Gin now makes me physically ill.
32. I lost my virginity when I was 17. I really, really thought I was going to marry him.
33. He and his over-sized wife are living somewhere between here and Ann Arbor.
34. I have two words for that relationship: Murder-Suicide.
35. My dad looks like Shaft. He said all his children were found under rocks.
36. My father was a Sergeant for the Detroit Police Department. He worked in Homicide. He once showed us all pictures from crime scenes. One showed a man with a bullet in to the face, one showed a man with a bullet to the back of the head. My dad told us something I will never forget: “You can’t talk your way out of fight. You can’t walk away from a fight. Never put yourself in a position where your only two choices are death.”
37. I hate guns.
38. I attended 5 different schools in the course of my K-12 education. Pasteur Elementary, Detroit, kindergarten; Gesu Catholic Elementary, Detroit, Grades 1-4; St. Mary’s Elementary, Royal Oak, Grades 5-7; Hampton Middle School, Grade 8; Shrine of the Little Flower, Grades 9-12.
39. When I began 1st Grade at Gesu, a kindergarten classmate called me up and told me that the 1st Grade teacher at Pasteur was looking for me and Teacher was mad because I didn’t come to her class. I lived in fear for two weeks.
40. I used to write my name backwards: itnom. Teachers used to think I was dyslexic.
41. I have always scored high on reading tests, and was usually placed in the higher reading groups.
42. Every teacher I ever had from grades K-8 left teaching after they had me in their classes. No, really.
43. John Francis Cardinal Dearden An important pontiff (I thought it was Dearden, but it’s not) died when I was in the 2nd Grade. He lay in state at Gesu Church. The entire student body was paraded past his body.
44. I got my hand smacked when I reached out to touch his face.
45. In the 1st Grade I lost a classmate to a house fire. Tiffany Jackson was her name. My first grade journal, a daily class assignment of mainly drawings and few words, is full of fires, blood, and dead people.
46. I would love to submit my First Grade journal to a child psychologist.
47. After the fire, my mother drove us past the house. It was pink accented fieldstone.
48. It smelled of burnt wood. I don’t believe there isn’t a sadder smell.
49. The story around school was that the dog kicked over a lamp in the basement. To this day I don’t know what started the fire.
50. My sister married the son of the family who moved into that house. They had no idea someone had died in it.
51. My sister divorced the lazy son of a bitch. I never got to know him, much less pronounce his name correctly. They were Seventh-Day Adventists.
52. I don’t know what a Seventh-Day Adventist is.
53. My first car was a 1982 Oldsmobile Firenza three door hatchback
54. It was silver with black trim.
55. The trunk hydraulic was broken so I propped it open with a large stick.
56. It lacked power steering.
57. Once I locked my keys in the car while waiting for a friend in the parking lot of the McDonald’s where I worked.
58. It was running.
59. We walked all over the City of Royal Oak for two hours before she thought to stick her blank key into the trunk of my car, which of course magically popped open. Policemen no longer pop open the locked doors of people who can’t remember to turn off the engine and remove their keys.
60. My first job was working as a Detroit Newspaper Carrier. We had the streets between 7 Mile Rd and Canterbury, and Berkeley and Kingston.
61. I was eleven.
62. I can still hear my little sister calling “CO-LLE-ECT” in her loudest 7 year-old-voice. She never failed to get people to the door.
63. When we’re back visiting in the old neighborhood, people still tell us we were the best paper carriers they ever had.
64. The first time I heard the song “Do You Know Where You’re Going To”, by Diana Ross, I was delivering on a Sunday morning. Casey Kasem was doing his Long Distance Dedication, and it was from a mother to her missing runaway daughter.
65. I took five papers for the next five houses and cried the whole time.
66. I used to be a caddy for the private Detroit Golf Club.
67. I lost 10 pounds that summer.
68. My shortest job was as a cashier for a Hardees. The site is now a Tim Horton’s.
69. I remember when Hardees was Burger Chef.
70. I worked for a month and then was fired for a till shortage of $50.00. When you have 4 people working from the same till, things are bound to happen.
71. I worked for McDonalds for 4 years.
72. I was fired from there after a till shortage of $250.00. They never proved I took it.
73. I don’t steal.
74. I worked at an upscale fruit market for 2½ years.
75. They bumped me from Crew Chief to plain old cashier after I told a customer that she could get one single paczki, as opposed to the dozen we were selling, from a bakery in Downtown Royal Oak. I thought I was being a good neighbor. They saw it as turning away business.
76. I met my one of my best friends former peers there the summer before I got married.
77. He’s a year younger than my mother, which makes him 21 years older than me.
78. My husband is 11 years older than me.
79. I dig older men.
80. The last time I had a cigar was New Years Eve 2002.
81. I allow myself 2 cigarettes a day – one after work, and one before bed, unless I’m drinking or working at the bar, then I wake up in an oxygen tent.
82. In the summer I drink vokda on the rocks, and in the winter I prefer scotch neat I’m a year-round bourbon girl.
83. I prefer men’s dress shirts to women’s blouses, short skirts to shorts, and jeans to slacks.
84. I used to be a 34B, but with the imbibement of Depo Provera for 2 years, I am now a 36D 38D.
85. I used to know the Emo Phillips’ “Suicide Jumper” joke by heart.
86. My hair has been black, fuchsia and amber bronze, but never all at once.
87. I once set my hair on fire. I was braiding it and sealing the ends when the match got away from me.
88. I saw “Star Wars” the year I was turned 5 at the Northland Theaters. The theater looked like a roller coaster. The theater’s shape proved more interesting than the movie because I fell asleep.
89. I used to have a Millennium Falcon.
90. I also used to have a Barbie Townhouse – the plastic and pressboard three-story one where the rooms were painted on and the elevator jammed at every floor.
91. If you bent Barbie’s legs just right, you not only got a satisfying crack but she then fits into the Millennium falcon.
92. I used to have a Castle Grayskull. By that time, Barbie was bald and being tortured by younger siblings.
93. I took a fall off my bike during a daredevil stunt when I was 8 and visiting my granny’s home in Nashville. It took 7 stitches to close it up. They had to give my mother Codeine for the pain in her hand from me squeezing it so hard.
94. They gave me a band-aid for my knee, which I thought deserved at least one stitch.
95. I was married in at the Silver Bell Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, NV on April 12, 1996. My mother was the witness.
96. We took the Amtrak train from Detroit to Chicago to Las Vegas. That route is no longer in service.
97. The first short story I ever wrote is called “Eugene”. I haven’t seen that story in about 10 years.
98. On my second and third attempts at Project Greenlight (2002, 2004), my screenplay, “Isle of Shadows” made the first cut to the Top 250.
99. On my first attempt of Project Greenlight (2000), the hurtful comments and reviews I received almost made me stop writing.
100. I never want to stop writing.

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  1. This is a GREAT list! I just met you last night at our Halloween party so I went back to the emails you sent to my vp mail addy and found the link to your site. I think I want to write a list now!

    It was so cool to meet you last night. You fit in well, my dear!

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