The Halfway mark of my #100Days challenge was yesterday. I haven’t been posting my weekly progress, I’m still measuring every Monday, and spent an hour one day researching the difference between a waist and an abdomen. When I started tracking this back in January, I told myself I wanted to lose about 4-6 inches from […]

Over the weekend we acquired a kitten from PAAW – the Pet Adoptive Alternative in Warren. After Zeus died, I wasn’t sure we’d be a two-cat home again, but I knew Doug and Loki would let me know if and when they were ready for a new friend. I left it up to Doug, figuring […]

I spent my workout day resting and focused instead on some stretching. No one wants to hear about that so let’s just get to the metrics. Day 46/Day 2 PBJ – It’s not really a ghost. We have another chicken salad-wrapped crescent roll, sauteed asparagus and a Roma tomato with goat cheese and a roasted […]